I use sound in my work through producing, performance, curating, recording, making and collaboration.

I've collaborated with the artists listed below. I added links to create a sort of playlist of songs that draw me to their work or songs that had a connection to my work, in some cases original collaborations. 

Bryce Hample of Hedia and Reighnbeau

Josephine Foster

Rachel Grimes of Rachel's

Colter Jacobsen and Tomo Yasuda of Coconut

Matteah Baim of Metallic Falcons

Danny Paul Grody

Mark Trecka of Pillars and Tongues and Dark Dark Dark

Jordan O' Jordan

Colleen Johnson of Twig Palace and Flying Circles

John Dietrich of Deerhoof

Heather Trost and Jeremy Barnes of A Hawk and a Hacksaw 

Noel'le Longhaul of Loone

Nona Marie Invie of Dark Dark Dark, Roniia and Fugitive

Ashley Saywut Moyer

Reba Hasko

North America

Cole Bee Wilson

Rosie Hutchinson and Drake Hardin of Teetotum

Gyda Valtysdottir of Mum

I worked with seniors in end-of-life care and other musicians to produce audio content for my installation at Meow Wolf. The seniors were part of the artist group Life Songs. Here is a link to some of the recordings at Meow Wolf.