Billy Joe Miller is an interdisciplinary artist working with installation, sculpture, and sound. His work responds to the natural world and creates contemplative spaces in the form of architectural interventions and immersive environments. His work has been supported by New Mexico Arts, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Island Institute. In addition to his own artwork, Billy Joe creates community-based projects, curates exhibitions and produces public art.  Raised in California, he now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


As metaphorical expressions inspired by nature, my work elicits possibilities of transformation and discovery. My practice often results in structures, shapes, light and sounds that frame and create contemplative, site-responsive spaces. Operating at an architectural scale, my projects are immersive and multi-sensory. I often situate my mixed-media works in publicly accessible locations. By placing my work in and responding to specific environments, I open up my audience to a vivid consideration of a particular place. Utilizing a variety of organic, geometric, and architectural forms (e.g. ovals, arches, windows, and doorways) to frame space, my work transcends and transforms it in order to open up new territories and perspectives.

Throughout my early life I was influenced by the religious spaces and practices of the churches and schools I attended. Later I worked as a nursing assistant for people in hospice. Through these experiences, I developed an interest in storytelling, performance, music and other social rituals. I began to experiment with collaborative dance, performance, and costuming as ways to creatively re-envision spiritual expression.

My work is a byproduct of the relationships formed, whether with a specific community, a found material, a place, or opportunity. Considering the present state of trauma to the natural environment and the global political landscape, I am particularly inspired to collaborate with vulnerable communities to make installations, interventions and inclusive art spaces.